LR Consulting wins EWEA award for “prediction of underwater noise from pile driving”

The European Wind Energy Association has recognised the poster “New Method for Accurate Prediction of Underwater Noise from Pile Driving” with the Best Poster Award in the joined category: Planning and Environment / Health and Safety. This LR Consulting headed contribution was recognised above nine other posters at EWEA Offshore 2015, demonstrating the importance of the topic and our work in this area.

306-x-172-ewea-pile-driving-noise-prediction.jpgThe work combines two well proven techniques in providing underwater noise estimates during pile driving: Wave Equation Analysis for Piling (WEAP) and vibro acoustic Finite Element (FE) modelling. This new, combined technique produces an accurate and validated model while maintaining computational effectiveness.

“The industry faces strict regulations on underwater noise, and for pile driving the noise prediction has always been a challenge. It’s easy to have a computer forecast a noise level, but does it match what you actually measure at sea?” said main author René Smidt Lützen (Lloyd’s Register Consulting). “This poster summarises our findings from working with DONG Energy Wind Power to produce a reliable prediction tool”.

The poster was co-authored by René Smidt Lützen, Benjamin Trimoreau (Lloyd’s Register Consulting), Peter Skjellerup (Geocos), Jon Vindahl Kringelum (DONG Energy) and Amir Shajarati (DONG Energy).

You can download the poster here, read more about the underwater noise prediction work we have been doing with DONG, or learn about what LR Consulting do in underwater noise prediction.

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