LRQA launches Korea gas emission trading forum

Seoul, Korea 29 January 2015

Following the South Korea’s government introduction of the greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS) this month, LRQA is hosting the country’s first gas emission training courses. Held in Yeouido, Seoul, over two days ending today, the workshops aim to fill knowledge gaps in the local CO2 emission trading market and addressing Korea’s growing demand for ETS professionals and experts.

“By adopting an open forum format featuring heavy-weight specialist speakers, LRQA is determined to give industry players valuable insights into the formulating of strategic plans that will more effectively reduce their carbon footprints and so satisfy the new regulatory requirements. In addition to helping CO2 trading partners ascertain their profitability through greenhouse gas emissions asset liability management, we have also enhanced viable counter-measure strategies for South Korea’s greenhouse gas emissions trading market,” said LRQA’s Managing Director, Sang-Keun Yoo.

South Korea government aims to slash total greenhouse gas emissions by 4% against their 2005 levels by 2020 and in 2012 introduced emission trading scheme (ETS) legislation which became effective this January. The new requirements have created a surge in demand for local greenhouse gas emission trading experts. The country is also currently lacking a strong emissions trading mechanism, investment strategies and price forecasting techniques as well as specialised information directly linked to corporate earnings. As a result, local companies are eager to leverage the latest ETS market insights to help them formulate achievable long-term CO2 emission reduction goals.

“Unlike most commercial emissions trading seminars that simply cover systems introductions or briefly overview possible countermeasures, our workshops combine a great deal of essential technical and professional information. In addition to reduction technologies, specific areas covered include financial and legal issues,” continued Mr. Yoo.

“The events not only train participants but also share useful training materials and high-level information for immediate practical utilisation during trading itself. Upon course completion, attendees will receive a certificate issued by ICE, the biggest certification agency in the international emissions trading arena.”

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