New machinery damage and repair workshops

5 April 2012

One-day courses designed for superintendents, flag and port-state surveyors and related marine engineers

Lloyd’s Register is offering Machinery Damage and Repair workshops to support marine superintendents and engineering personnel.

Mechanical breakdowns are a serious problem for shipowners and having competent engineers on board can quite literally mean the difference between success and failure for a shipping company.

The new workshops are unique to Lloyd’s Register and give even the most experienced engineers the opportunity to analyse and resolve some the most common mechanical problems found in the merchant marine environment.

“The workshops are an innovative way to present real-life engineering problems with a variety of solutions in a controlled but time-pressured environment," said Steve Robson, Lloyd’s Register’s Senior Technical Training Specialist. “Attendees will be given the opportunity to use their skills and learn new ones in an environment that is designed to challenge and motivate.”

They will help delegates to develop the skills to make early assessments of mechanical damage and conduct timely repairs in a technically correct and cost-efficient way and in accordance with the appropriate classification rules and regulations for ships.

There are three individual one-day workshops that can be booked separately to offer maximum flexibility to fit in with the busy schedules of engineering personnel.

The courses are aimed at superintendents, flag and port state surveyors and other marine engineers that have a responsibility for ships’ machinery.

Each workshop focuses on specific types of repairs, examining the commercial and technical challenges as well as class requirements. Subjects include:

* Module 1 -- Diesel engines, turbochargers, steam raising plant and associated pressure vessels
* Module 2 -- Shaft alignment, gearbox, shafting, rudder, controllable pitch propeller
* Module 3 -- pumping and piping

Client feedback from the first workshop was extremely positive and included comments such as:

“Clear, concise lectures [with] lots of discussion and exchange of ideas."
“Enjoyable and informative.”
“Good concept for training; more interesting than pure instruction on how to do it.”
“[It's] easier to learn from other people's problems and mistakes.”

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