ShipRight FastTrack(FT) enables ship designers to cope with the demand for increased FE Analysis scope

26 April 2017

LR, in collaboration with RaonX Solutions Co. Ltd. (RaonX), release new software to assist ship design clusters with the increased requirements demanded in Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Under the latest IACS and Classification Rules the scope for FEA requirements is increasing and initial structural designers need to spend more time on FEA as a result. Highly beneficial time savings have been made by LR and RaonX through the creation of this FEA software that can generate the qualified FE mesh model quickly from 2D / 3D plans without the need for excessive and expensive human intervention. The post process is enhanced, the result plot is displayed swiftly and an improved reporting function enables FE analysis for commercial ships and floating offshore units to be carried out efficiently.

LR has worked together with RaonX over the past year to develop the tailor made software, with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) acting as a client beta tester.

Mr. Hong-Ryeul Ryu, General Manager at HHI Basic Hull Design Department commented, “We have tested ShipRight FT, which has been mutually developed by RaonX and Lloyd’s Register, with the major commercial ship type designs and decide to adopt ShipRight FT for the hull initial design of our new building projects to improve our design process by minimising our FE analysis and evaluation time. We are expecting reduction of FE analysis and evaluation period by 30% and more after some module’s stabilisation.” 

Mr. Sang-Boo Lee, Director at RaonX Solutions Co. Ltd commented, "We are pleased to release ShipRight FT developed in co-operation with global leading Classification Society, Lloyd’s Register, and to assist ship designers to meet with the extended FEA request and tight design schedule on projects." 

ShipRightFT screenshot
Screen capture of a ShipRight FastTrack Buckling Assessment

LR Innovation Strategy and Research Director, Luis Benito, added, "The way we have worked on this project really sets out the best approach to develop our engineering software. By focusing on the client needs from start and all the way throughout, as well as co-operating with a company who are technically able to solve the client challenges in partnership with LR’s expertise and domain knowledge we have achieved a software product that can be adopted by the design cluster in a very effective manner directly at the point it is released to the market."

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