Whitepaper: When designs outlive their designers

future design

08 June 2016

What will offshore engineering be like in the next 50 years? With the pace of technology development, will we be using anything we see around us now, in 50 years’ time?

Offshore FLNG units are being designed for service lives of up to 50 years. This introduces greater risks, challenges and uncertainties that the conventional oil and gas and marine industries have not seen before.

It will also mean that these units may outlive their designers.

A design decision taken today which meets current requirements may easily underestimate future requirements and expectations.

This paper aims to describe possible strategies to overcome these risks, whose criticality may not become apparent until many years after the asset has been commissioned.

It also explores how these lessons learnt from ageing assets operating in the UK North Sea, an area not currently associated with FLNG, can be deployed to benefit FLNG projects elsewhere around the world.