Container ship design challenges

This document outlines LR's capability to deliver services that address today's container ship design challenges

LR can articulate bespoke offers to deliver the value that clients seek from the design of their container ships: the optimal investment for achieving competitive performance that maximises profitability over time while securing required levels of safety and compliance.

Some of the main challenges faced by container shipping today are:

  • Difficulty to decide what the most optimal design is that would meet through life operational performance.
  • The complexity of solutions available to optimise designs that are considered operationally optimal makes it difficult to decide the best design optimization strategy towards a design that delivers flexibility and performance throughout the operational life of the ship while ensuring safety is not undermined and compliance is always achieved.
  • Difficulty for operators to secure earnings which are competitive and sustainable over time.

The latter challenge will start being addressed by addressing the first two challenges related to designing; this document explains LR's capability to deliver value in designing Ultra Large Container Ships that can be CAPEX optimal and OPEX optimised, addressing Challenges one and two directly which in turn contribute to addressing Challenge three.