Marine Technology Report

Driving New Technologies

MTR 2 thumbnail The latest issue of the Marine Technology Report, focusing on technological developments that are changing the face of modern shipping.

In this issue, we explore four crucial areas of research and development – CFD, battery technology, polar technology and wind-powered shipping. LR is highly active in these areas and helping to lead the way in understanding technology and its application for all industry stakeholders. And we put the spotlight on our Applied Technology Group in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and how they are helping shape innovation in explosion modelling and underwater autonomous vehicles.

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Issue 01: New generations of large containerships

MTR 01 thumbnail

In the first edition of our new technology report, we take a look at new generations of large containerships and introduce our Structural Analysis & Hydrodynamics team. The team works as part of Marine Technology & Engineering Services at LR's Global Technology Centre in Southampton. Download a PDF of MTR 01 here