CMAL 43m battery hybrid ropax

CMAL ferry

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)  was looking to build the world's first hybrid seagoing ropax. The two revolutionary passenger and car ferries were to be powered by a dual diesel-electric system. 

Why LR was chosen?

LR has worked with CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited) since the company was founded. In this case LR was able to show a wide diversity in technological experience, bringing confidence in the project to the client.

Our solution

LR played a significant role in assisting the yard and owners throughout the project. 


The vessel's design and power configuration leads to 19-24% savings of power input to the propulsion units compared to a conventional diesel mechanical solution, reducing CO2 and NOx and SOx emissions.

Client testimonial - Tom Docherty, Chief Executive, CMAL

"CMAL greatly appreciated the assistance provided by technical staff from Lloyd's Register throughout our ambitious and ground breaking project,  including  their continuing support throughout the commissioning of the MV HALLAIG and MV LOCHINVAR."