Fleet CCWG and GHGe data verification for Orient Overseas Container Line


Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)

Challenge faced

Cargo owners are requesting relevant, complete, consistent, accurate and transparent data and information about their logistics in response to increasing pressure not only from their customers, but also investors, regulators and other stakeholders. As such, cargo carriers like OOCL report their third-party verified CO2 and SOx emissions data in response to cargo owners’ demands for credible environmental performance data and information.  And by reporting to BSR‘s Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), OOCL both provide data and information and demonstrate their performance in reducing their own environmental impacts. Independent third-party assurance is an important part of this initiative for credible data disclosure. The OOCL fleet in 2013 reported to CCWG was made up of 97 vessels split between their in-house fleet and ships chartered on the spot market. 

Why LR was chosen?

OOCL selected LR due to their reputation as a first-class environmental verifier and because of the confidence that they established while working with LR to develop the proposed scope of work. 

Our solution

We provided limited assurance of the data (CO2 and SOx) submitted to the CCWG and total direct GHG emissions (Scope 11) of in-house and chartered container vessels operated by OOCL in 2013.


This is the third consecutive year that OOCL completed the verification using the CCWG standard. By extending the scope of the verification to include the ISO standard for greenhouse gas, it not only demonstrates their long-term commitment to emissions data integrity and environmental performance, but also enhances OOCL’s sustainability profile to a wider audience of stakeholders that appreciates greater transparency and forward-thinking green objectives.


"Lloyd's Register not only delivered a professional and recognized verification service, but also showed their expertise, patience and nimbleness by developing of bespoke assurance solution to meet our business requirement."
Corporate Environmental Affairs Team, OOCL