Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) certification for Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd


Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)

Challenge faced

To attain IHM certification for the entire fleet, in order to demonstrate best practice and achieve early compliance with environmental legislation.

Why LR was chosen?

The IHM is LR’s core ship recycling service, first delivered in 2004. Formerly referred to as the ‘Green Passport’, our IHM service is well established and offers reputable, consistent global service delivery.

LR championed the concept of the Inventory, first in response to the IMO’s voluntary Guidelines on Ship Recycling and subsequently in accordance with the Hong Kong 'ship recycling' Convention.

Our pioneering work with the shipping industry has seen us gain valuable insight and experience in delivering large, fleet-wide IHM certification - for existing ships and during new construction, regardless of class.

Canna ferry
The CMAL ferry CANNA, the first existing ferry in the UK with an approved Inventory

Our solution

When: 2009 - present

Who: LR's Southampton-based IHM Approval Team (one of four regional teams) and experienced marine ship surveyors, local to each ship.

What: A named contact to provide support, advice, guidance materials and an interactive IHM template for all 30 ships; desk-top reviews and an office-based approval for each ship; initial verification surveys onboard; and annual 'ongoing maintenance surveys' to ensure continued compliance with the Hong Kong Convention and associated legislation.


  • Issuance of an approved, ship-specific IHM for each of the 30 ships enrolled
  • ShipRight IHM notation
  • IHM Statement of Compliance, in accordance with regulation 5.2 of the Hong Kong Convention
  • An effective tool to manage and control materials and their location onboard, helping promote hazard management in accordance with CMAL's own Safety Management Systems, and helping to ensure compliance with SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-5


"We are constantly looking for new ways to address environmental issues, whether it's looking at alternative fuels for the ferries of the future or how best to recycle ferries safely at the end of their operational life. The IHM is a great example of proactively working with industry colleagues to take action now to help assure environmental protection in the future."

Guy Platten, Managing Director, Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited