ISRA 'A' Membership - recycling facility assessment for Şimşekler Ship Recycling Company


Şimşekler Ship Recycling Company, Turkey

Challenge faced

The International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA) aims to promote environmentally sound global ship recycling by uniting responsible facilities. An independent assessment of each facility is required, based on ISRA’s own quality standards, before full ISRA 'A' Membership can be granted.

Şimşekler Ship Recycling wished to undertake such an assessment, in order to further demonstrate to shipowners that they are a world-leading responsible recycler.

Why LR was chosen?

LR is the International Association of Classification Societies' representative on ship recycling at the International Maritime Organization and at the European Union. We invest in sustainable ship recycling projects, working in partnership with shipowners, recycling facilities, universities and government agencies, and were instrumental in the development of ISO 30000 ship recycling management system.

Our solutionISRA case study

When: Nov/Dec 2013

Who: LR Marine Ship Recycling Specialists and LRQA Environmental Auditors

What: LR's specialists conducted a desk-top review of the completed ISRA Checklist, Ship Recycling Facility Plan and supporting documentation, provided by Şimşekler Ship Recycling.

Environmental Auditors conducted a site visit to verify the information.

A final report and declaration was issued to ISRA, summarising the findings of the desk-top review and the site visit, and recommending Şimşekler Ship Recycling for full ISRA 'A' Membership.


Şimşekler Ship Recycling Company became the very first ISRA 'A' Member in Turkey, resulting in a number of benefits including:

  • further enhancing their reputation in the market place
  • further differentiating the facility from local and global competitors
  • demonstrating innovation and continuous improvement


"At Şimşekler, our aim is to continuously identify and evaluate the health, safety and environmental impacts of our activities, in order to further improve ship demolition processes and promote green ship recycling.

Independent inspection by LR and LRQA against ISRA's exacting standards fitted perfectly with our philosophy and environmental policy."

Mr Orbay Şimşek, Managing Director, Şimşekler Ship Recycling Company

Pictured (L-R): Bernard Veldhoven (ISRA Secretary General), Adem Şimşek (Partner, Şimşekler Group), Arjen Uytendaal (ISRA Director)