Independent Verification of Fuel Oil Consumption for Blue Ocean Solutions


Blue Ocean Solutions, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for an Emulsion Fuel System.

Challenge faced

The OEM required an independent, impartial and robust performance review of their Emulsion Fuel System (EFS). This was part of the shipowner’s acceptance trial of the OEM’s EFS installation for improving fuel efficiency.

Why LR was chosen?

Our recognition for independence gave the clients (both the OEM and the shipowner) confidence that we could provide an impartial and informed advice that they could trust. LR Marine Consulting has a proven track record and expertise in marine fuels, emission and fuel monitoring complemented with seagoing experience and data analytics.

Our solution

We offered a full review of the fuel monitoring programme intended to be carried out and methods and instrumentation by which the data would be acquired against the required accuracy requirements for the trial. Data was subsequently sent to LR during the period of the trial, processed, scrutinised and analysed. Our independent results were then sent back and compared with the OEM’s.


Within the agreed timeline LR provided a concise report detailing findings, which in this instance confirmed the claims for performance improvements in fuel consumption had been met to the satisfaction of all parties present.


"It is important to get independent verification, from a renowned organisation such as Lloyd’s Register, of the performance of the Emulsified Fuel System in terms of average % fuel savings to ensure that results are reliable and accurate."
Technical Manager, Blue Ocean Solutions