LNG Bunkering Infrastructural Survey 2014

Lloyd’s Register report indicates LNG bunkering is likely to develop fast as global ports get ready for shipping’s gas fuelled future

Lloyd’s Register analysis of ports provides insight into the future of LNG bunkering world-wide as short sea demand grows and the possibility of expansion into bunkering for deep sea emerges.

Lloyd's Register’s LNG Bunkering Infrastructural Survey 2014 indicates that major ports around the world are either planning for, or are anticipating, the wide-scale development of LNG bunkering.

22 ports were assessed in the analysis with 18 key questions addressed. 

LNG bunkering shipowner survey

If you are a shipowner, ship operator or manager, we would like to invite you to participate in this survey, which aims to explore the latest industry views on LNG as fuel compared to other emission mitigation methods and the viability of LNG-fuelled short and deep sea shipping. 

We will send you a specific report once we have collected all responses by November with the current industry practice and indications of future trends.

Take survey

Note: This survey is part of Lloyd’s Register LNG Bunkering Study where the first part of infrastructure survey by ports has been done in April.

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