Ship Recycling Facility Plan – initial assessment for Zhoushan Changhong and Jiangyin Changjiang ship recycling facilities

Mr Li Hongwei and Jim Heath


Zhoushan Changhong and Jiangyin Changjiang ship recycling facilities, both located in China.

Challenge faced

Under the IMO Hong Kong Convention, authorised ship recycling facilities will be required to prepare a Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP). In addition, the European Union Ship Recycling Regulation requires that European ship owners only recycle ships at authorised facilities.

In order to be included in the 'EU List', facilities will have to comply with a number of requirements, including having an approved SRFP.

Jiangyin Changjiang and Zhoushan Changhong wanted to become the first non-EU facilities to apply to the European Commission and asked LR to review, assess and contribute to the documentation, much of which had been prepared by leading ship recycling management company, Sea2Cradle.

Why LR was chosen?

LR is an Associate Member of ISRA (the International Ship Recycling Association) and has been actively working on ship recycling projects since the 1990s. We are the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) representative at IMO for the development of the Hong Kong Convention, and were instrumental in the development of the ISO 30000 management system standard for ship recycling.

Our solution

When: Sep – Dec 2014

Who: LR Marine Ship Recycling Specialists

What: Desk-top review of the SRFP and supporting documentation against relevant requirements of the Hong Kong Convention, the EU Regulation, and other applicable national and international legislation.


Statement of Compliance stating that each yard’s SRFP complies with (a) Hong Kong Convention and (b) EU Regulation requirements, subject to on-site verification audits by marine surveyor and environmental auditor, helping the facilities to:

  • demonstrate to shipowners, and the European commission, that they are world-leading responsible recyclers
  • further enhance their reputation in the market place
  • further differentiate themselves from local and global competitors


"Sufficient green recycling capacity is no longer subject to discussion but a reality; we are pleased to improve and invest further to achieve the highest level required."

Mr Li Hongwei, Owner of Zhoushan Changhong and Jiangyin Changjiang recycling facilities

Pictured: Mr Li Hongwei (left) with LR’s Jim Heath