TESO 135m dual fuel CNG and battery hybrid ropax

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Royal N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) wanted to build a unique energy efficient ferry with an advanced energy management system, operating mainly on gas but also with batteries, solar auxiliary power and the ability to run solely on diesel.

Why LR was chosen?

TESO has a long standing relationship with LR since 1989 and have always had a good experience with us.

Our solution

As well as a unique powering capability, the design has several other features that are significant for ferries operating in the north European region. The vessel is Ice Class, which means it will have a strengthened hull to safely navigate icy waters. It also has LR’s PCAC (Passenger and Crew Accommodation Comfort) notation, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for passengers and crew. LR provided both endorsement and support in bringing together state of the art technology to ensure success in achieving design goals.


A 1,750 passenger, 350 vehicle, double ended ferry that will operate between the Dutch islands of Texel and Den Helder.Delivery is due at the end of 2015 and she will enter service in the spring of 2016

Client testimonial - Mr Cees de Waal, Managing Director TESO

"I am confident that with LR's background knowledge of the TESO philosophy, that safety and reliability are the most important goals to achieve, in addition to the long standing good relationship between both sides, TESO has again chosen LR to be their classification society."