AW-Energy benefits from Technology Qualification (TQ)

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Working with Lloyd’s Register and using the Technology Qualification process has brought so many benefits for our project and team; from setting clear metrics to measure and communicate the technology development process, to providing expertise with a depth and breadth of experience that´s difficult to procure.

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Client: AW-Energy
Application: Renewable wave technology - WaveRoller™
Project Scope: Independent certification and technology qualification
Location: Finland

"This novel technology is an emission-free, renewable source of energy and it has a low visual impact."

About AW-Energy

AW-Energy is a Finnish company in the wave energy sector and the developer of the world-leading WaveRoller™ wave energy converter.

Novel Technology

The WaveRoller™ will be a prototype device that converts ocean waves to electricity. Located in Peniche, Portugal, in the nearshore area at depths of between 8-20 meters, it captures the movement of the waves with a hinged panel that runs a generator. The Waveroller device will be connected to the grid once deployed and fully operating.

Service details

Lloyd's Register is providing AWEnergy's WaveRoller™ with third-party certification and Technology Qualification.

This will help to optimise project financing and facilitate insurance coverage on a commercial basis, whilst ensuring the highest quality standards and technical excellence are met.

LR is reviewing the prototype design and fabrication work carried out by the WaveRoller™ team, ensuring risks are identified and mitigated throughout the project's lifecycle.

Working with LR

On working with Lloyd's Register, AW-Energy CEO, John Liljelund commented, "I am thrilled to see the emergence of one of the prerequisites for WaveRoller's™ commercial roll out. The involvement of an institution like Lloyd's Register to this extent will ensure that the highest quality standards and technical excellence are met."

Benefits of Technology Qualification


  • TQ sets clear milestones on the development path which breaks up each challenge into manageable chunks.
  • It provides a clear metric to measure the technology development process.
  • Ensures organisations work in a structured way with documentation to match.
  • Certification milestones can be celebrated within the team.
  • Stakeholders get visibility on the progress via a dependable third party opinion.


  • Third party opinion helps the technology improve.
  • The risk based methodology helps to identify failure modes that could otherwise have remained undetected.
  • A large technology oriented organisation like LR has a depth of experience that is difficult to procure. The TQ process is an effective way to benefit from that knowledge and experience.