Bespoke training programme to support market development

Client: Huadian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI)
Location: China
Service: Bespoke training programme, designed and delivered in partnership with RES Group, a leading renewable energy company that is active in a range of energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission.

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About HHI

HHI is an engineering company providing integrated solutions and services to clients in power generation, mining, port terminals, stockyard, minerals, cement plant, petrochemical, and civil infrastructure industries worldwide.

Project scope

In 2016, HHI was one of China's largest EPC contractors and was keen to extend its offshore wind turbine installation services to external markets, such as Taiwan. However, the company recognised that it needed to grow its capabilities in offshore wind farm operations and maintenance because, without this depth and breadth of expertise, it would be difficult to demonstrate credibility and competency in this sector outside its home territory.

How Lloyd's Register and RES helped HHI

LR joined forces with Renewable Energy Systems (RES) to devise a bespoke training programme for HHI engineers. The programme took into account the existing competencies and where there could be skills gaps. Working together with the client, LR and RES defined the exact scope of HHI's training requirements, and identified the best specialist input from each company.

The team created training material prior to the course, and supplied follow up material afterwards, having assessed the client's specific needs in detail.


Since HHI's engineers completed the training programme, the company has successfully entered the Taiwanese offshore wind sector.

Furthermore, HHI now has early access to a forum for open dialogue with engineers who have project experience from the European offshore wind industry. This is a valuable resource for them to familiarise themselves with best-practice, and avoid costly mistakes in their early projects.

Benefits to client

  • Deep domain expertise embedded within the business
  • Investor and regulator confidence
  • Enhanced service portfolio
  • Strengthened competitive offer
  • Enhanced employer brand


"The training delivered by LR and RES equipped our teams with systematic knowledge about essential geotechnical, load, structure and other disciplines involved in offshore wind turbine support structure design. This has enabled HHI to successfully expand our EPC portfolio into new markets."
Mr. Yingjiu Zhao, Chief engineer at HHI


Our high quality training for the low carbon power industries draws on our many fields of expertise and can be tailored to suit your needs.