Supporting safe LNG bunkering in Portsmouth

We are working with Portsmouth International Port to develop operational procedures and technical standards required for safe LNG bunkering. The project will position Portsmouth to develop its ambitions to become an LNG bunkering facility and hub – the first in the United Kingdom.

Aerial view of Portsmouth and ferry terminals

We will provide detailed guidance to Portsmouth including: requirements for technical specifications of bunkering equipment; helping to ensure that the right operational procedures are established; helping to ensure that port safety and emergency planning is provided for; and that personnel competence can be developed effectively and put in place.

Kalvin Baugh, Deputy Ferry Port Manager, said: "With changes in the regulations governing emissions, it is clear that in the future more shipping will be fuelled by LNG. To help safeguard the port and meet the needs of our customers, Portsmouth International Port needs to be able to offer this facility. Safety is of course the main priority, and we are delighted that Lloyd’s Register has agreed to help us identify the technical specifications and operating procedures that will help to deliver this."

Brittany Ferries latest newbuild, scheduled for delivery in 2016, will be gas-fuelled and will call at Portsmouth where LNG bunkering will take place.