Centrica Energy - Integrity engineering services

Central Morecambe Platform - Centrica Energy - 306x172Integrity lifting engineering expertise maintains safe operation of cranes

Client: Centrica Energy
Location: The Morecambe Hub, East Irish Sea
Asset type: Gas Platforms (a central processing complex 7 normally unmanned satellites)

Background to Centrica Energy

Centrica Energy is one of the largest gas producers on the UK Continental Shelf. We have been supplying lifting engineering services to Centrica Energy’s Morecambe Hub for four years, examining each offshore crane on a six monthly basis. To date, we have inspected 11 cranes: 4 on the main complex 7 on unmanned satellites.

During a routine examination of a crane on one of the normally unmanned platforms, a major defect was discovered on a primary structural member, which resulted in the crane no longer being fit for service. However, Centrica required the crane to be used imminently.

How Lloyd’s Register helped

Lloyd’s Register advised a third-party to carry out a full NDT and wall thickness survey on the crane boom to determine the actual loss of material and residual strength of the boom.

Our Principal Lifting engineer assessed the survey results before specifying that the crane could work on a 70% de-rate. The de-rate, in conjunction with an approved operational risk assessment, allowed the client to continue to operate the crane safely during the shut-down period.

Following the shut-down a weld repair was carried out on the crane boom chord, with a follow up load test and NDT witnessed by a Lloyd’s Register surveyor

Expertise applied:

  • Inspection
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Welding
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) – NDT Level III
  • Design appraisal
  • Verification - Lifting, Crane Gripper Assembly Inspection Programme
  • Certification - Load tests, Slew bearing deferrals


  • Safe operation of the crane during the shutdown period
  • Minimised equipment downtime
  • Full repair was carried out promptly
  • NDT methods applied to preserve equipment & material
  • Post repair load test certified by Lloyd's Register