Leading the field in Civil Engineering BIM implementation with Lloyd’s Register

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Client name: BAM Nuttall

msis-isp-2017-bam nuttall logo 350Client background: BAM Nuttall is a civil engineering contractor delivering infrastructure projects primarily in the UK. With a turnover in the region of £650 million they employ around 3,000 people and are part of the Dutch owned Royal BAM Group.  BAM Nuttall employs specialists in all areas of infrastructure new build and maintenance. They have over 150 years of history in leading innovation within civil engineering. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a fundamental element of their strategic aim of ‘Building the present, creating the future’. 

Project background: The BIM concept involves the virtual construction of a facility prior to its actual physical construction, in order to reduce uncertainty, improve safety, work out problems, and simulate and analyse potential impacts.

In 2011 the UK Government stipulated that all public construction projects be performed by ‘BIM ready’ organisations from 2016, essentially mandating that companies be compliant to BIM Level 2

In 2012, BAM Nuttall embarked on their BIM journey well ahead of the UK mandate. BAM Nuttall soon realized that BIM could enable positive change throughout all aspects of of the business. Becoming BIM capable could provide a catalyst for better lean processes, using the tools and techniques laid out in the standard to form this core foundation. 

“We knew the business had to change, not only to become BIM ready but to also work with our supply chain, achieve our objectives and to enable our business to grow,” said Ivor Barbrook, Head of BIM Implementation. “We wanted to work with and support all aspects of the digital business functions from end users to maintainers.”

Business challenge for the client 

BAM Nuttall recognised that in order to go through this digital transformation, it would have to work with an external auditing body to help challenge, refine and create a more holistic approach to the business. 

“We were aware that BIM Level 2 was based largely on BS1192 and the associated PAS 1192 specification documents but that doesn’t address all the requirements for confirming that a provider is ‘BIM ready,’” said Gavin Avery, BAM Nuttall’s South Region Quality Manager. 

“We are sometimes too close to the subject matter to see where our business can be improved,” said Mr. Barbook. “Having an outside body looking at our business means that they identify areas that we have not seen. They can share their wider knowledge to help suggest and drive improvements.”

How Lloyd’s Register helped 

LR has a long history of independent assurance, certification and auditing experience in most commercial and industrial sectors. It established itself in the construction sector with its Utilities Registration Schemes and its BOPAS Accreditation for innovative building construction. In 2014 LR launched the BIM Level 2 Accreditation Scheme.
LR fulfilled the role of providing an independent perspective for BAM Nuttall. Working with LR on its BIM journey helped BAM Nuttall identify and close the gaps in its processes for a more cohesive, industry leading approach to BIM. 
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(Above: BAM Nuttall and LR management at the presentation of the BIM Level 2 Accreditation)
“The LR scheme looked at our business processes on collaboration and risk management over and above BS1192 and the associated PAS 1192 requirements,” said Mr. Avery. “This added real value to the process enabling long-term effective change management as part of the LR assessment process. The systems are continually evolving and developing and LR encouraged this approach.”
BAM Nuttall’s journey to date has enabled the company to gain LR BIM Level 2 accreditation across the whole business, but it does not end there. 
Advances in technology and cultural change mean the journey continues and BAM Nuttall will be collaborating with supply chain partners and other stakeholders to develop this new method of working and deliver added value for all parties. BAM Nuttall’s aspiration in its ability to capture information is no longer a dream of futuristic technologies; it is here now and is helping to meet customer expectations.
“It has been an extremely powerful and educational experience bringing discipline and new functions to the business,” Mr. Barbrook continued. “BIM has the mechanisms and approach to help change the industry, as well as our service delivery. We are proud to be the first Tier 1 civil engineering contractor to gain this full accreditation.”
For more information about BIM Level 2 Accreditation, visit LR’s BIM website.