Colour differentiation study

Location: Japan
Application: Injection device delivery platforms
Project scope: User preference research and summative usability testing

Our client was developing a product for the delivery of a drug using one of their existing injection device delivery platforms and was in the process of developing the unique colour branding for the device. The product was to be distributed in Japan. Whilst the colour choice worked from a marketing perspective, our client was keen to understand how it performs from a usability perspective with respect to colour differentiation. Our client wanted to ensure that the colour choice was sufficiently different to competitor devices currently available in Japan, i.e. ensure that the risk of selection errors was acceptable.

In total, 24 participants were tested. All participants were Japanese (Japanese as first language), and ranged from 18 – 74 years of age. 75% of participants (18) were 45 years of age. A proportion of the test population had some degree of visual impairment and tests were conducted in low lighting conditions. The basic premise of the test was for participants to select our client’s pen from a selection of devices.

All tests were conducted in Japanese with the use of interpreters to communicate with participants whilst Lloyd’s Register Consulting moderated the trials and collected data.

Benefits to the client

The test allowed the client to demonstrate that the colour choice was appropriate for target market and provided a robust evidence base to show that the risk of selection errors was low. The study also allowed our client to gain valuable feedback on user preferences with respect to colour choice for the Japanese target market.

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