Scira Offshore Energy Ltd.

Client: Scira Offshore Energy Ltd.
Application: Offshore wind farm, UK.
Project scope: Consultancy services, QRA, HAZID and HAZOP.

The 317 MW Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm, lying between 17 and 23 km off of the coast of North Norfolk, UK, will comprise 88 turbines, two offshore substations and one inland substation. Two 132 kV submarine export cables and a

21.6 km onshore cable will bring enough clean energy ashore to power almost 220,000 British homes.

We are providing risk management services to the Statoil-Stakraft joint-venture company, Scira Offshore Energy Limited. This work has included performing several risk and hazard analyses, such as quantitative risk analysis and hazard identification (HAZID and HAZOP), concentrating on marine operations in particular. Scandpower has also acted as HSE engineer to assist the subcontractor, Master Marine, in building one of the service vessels to be used for installation purposes.

The project presents numerous health and safety challenges. For example, getting the 88 giant monopile structures in place required a firm focus on the safety of marine operations.