Design appraisal and component inspection in CCGT conversion project

Application: Conversion of a fossil-fired power plant to a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) to extend capacity.
Project scope: Design appraisal and inspection of gas turbines.
Client: International Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Europe.

Three new gas turbines were required as part of a major upgrade of a fossil-fired power plant in Europe. The contracted OEM commissioned Lloyd’s Register Energy to assist with the turbines' detailed design appraisal and inspect the components prior to installation. Before the upgrade, the plant produced electricity by means of conventional and steam boilers. With its conversion to a CCGT plant, the client forecasts that capacity will double from approximately 600 MW to over 1200 MW. At the same time, the plant’s efficiency will be increase from approximately 40% to almost 60%, with CO2 emissions reducing by more than 30%.

In addition to this we also acted as the Notified Body to help ensure that new plant piping met the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).