Atlantis Resources Corporation

Client: Atlantis Resources Corporation.
Application: Full-scale, prototype 1 MW tidal turbine, UK.
Project scope: Design review and survey during manufacture.

Standing 22.5 metres tall with a twin set of 18 metre diameter rotors, the AK1000™ is the world’s largest rotor diameter tidal turbine. Atlantis turned to us to review the design of this full-scale prototype, for testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland.

Given the nature of the environment it was going to operate in, the time available to install the turbine was limited to just several days. This factor was reflected in the structure’s gravity-based design to assist quick installation.

Our review, to EMEC standards and guidelines, covered the structural and foundation aspects of its design. We created independent computational fluid dynamic models to validate the forces that would act on the turbine.

The AK1000™ begins a commissioning and operation programme that will last up to three years. The power generated from this programme will contribute to the local grid.