Independent third-party compliance for Fujian Huisman Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd, China.

Independent third-party compliance and technical support

Client: Fujian Huisman Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd, China.
Application: Heavy Lifting Equipment.
Project scope: independent third-party compliance and technical support.

Huisman designs and manufactures heavy construction assets, which it supplies to the world’s leading onshore and offshore businesses. Its product range includes equipment for heavy and special lifting, drilling and pipe laying, from stand-alone components to integrated systems.

The company’s site in China’s Fujian Province has now delivered the primary structures for the world’s largest heavy lift mast crane. This is the sixth crane we have surveyed on behalf of Huisman since it expanded its operations to China in 2007. Our surveyors have helped the company to meet the requirements of our Rules and Regulations. We have provided advice and guidance on how best to control material supply, welding and fabrication, as well as making sure that welder and welding qualifications are achieved – helping the company to deliver high-quality equipment and to schedule.

We continue to work closely together, having recently been awarded the surveying contracts for two offshore mast cranes (1,800t and 4,000t). Our client benefits from the direct relationship between our offices in China and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, near the manufacturer's headquarters.