Kinetic Pressure Control's Blowout Stopper technology benefits from Lloyd's Register's Technology qualification service

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We could not be happier with the support we have received and professionalism that we have witnessed from the Lloyd's Register team. We are confident that, with the support of such a well-respected industry player, the K-BOS will certainly be the high-quality, reliable product that the industry demands.

– Steven Angstmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetic Quote marks right

Client: Kinetic Pressure Control (Kinetic)
Project Scope: Technology qualification
Application: Subsea blowout prevention technology – Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS)
Location: USA

Client Background

Kinetic Pressure Control (Kinetic) is a USA-based company that is focused on subsea technology for the oil and gas industry.

Customer requirement

Kinetic is in the process of introducing a novel technology to the challenging well control market, where there is no margin for error. The K-BOS aims to improve shearing and sealing capabilities, using propellants and its patent pending Kinetic Shearing technology to shear tool joints, large diameter casings and bottom hole assemblies, which allows for safer drilling for offshore wells. Kinetic's challenge is to demonstrate to various stakeholders that the uncertainties associated with the technology are mitigated in a systematic manner.

How Lloyd's Register Helped

Lloyd's Register is providing Kinetic with third-party Technology qualification services for the K-BOS. LR held a Technology qualification workshop and conducted a technology assessment that enabled Kinetic to develop a comprehensive Technology qualification plan, which was then reviewed and approved by LR.

Following a satisfactory assessment, LR issued a statement of endorsement of the K-BOS Technology qualification plan.


The Technology qualification plan optimised the project's planning and finances, and ensured high standards of quality throughout.

The Technology qualification service is helping to screen uncertainties associated with the design and the testing of the K-BOS, evaluate the technology, and ensure that Kinetic's qualification plan is thorough and comprehensive.

Benefits of Technology qualification


  • Technology qualification planning has helped Kinetic establish a clear and methodical path for the development of the project.
  • It ensures that challenges are identified and mitigated as early as possible.


  • The third-party opinion ensures that the technology is critically assessed.
  • The process is an effective way for Kinetic to benefit from LR's depth of knowledge and experience.
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Working with the Lloyd's Register team has been a pleasure. We selected Lloyd's Register for this work because of their broad expertise base. From BOPs through to explosion modelling, Lloyd's Register is unique in its ability to provide valuable input into the K-BOS.

– Billy Gallagher, VP and Co-Founder of Kinetic Quote marks right