Case study: LR provides blow-out prevention (BOP) compliance for deepwater drill ship off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago

Client: Oil and gas operator. Due to commercial interests the client has requested to remain anonymous
Location: Trinidad & Tobago
Asset type: Drilling unit

Business challenge for the customer 

As the subsea BOP is a special system and among one of the few pieces of equipment that combines multiple functions such as drilling and operations control, a tool for preventing risk and supporting emergency response procedures, it is highly regulated. The BOP is often the final line of defence for protecting life and the environment and therefore there is a high demand for a transparent and well-structured risk assessment approach that can help rig owners and operators monitor the BOP's safety performance.

How Lloyd's Register helped

Lloyd's Register had a team on board the drill unit, with the primary purpose to maintain continuity with the BOP compliance. Our expertise in blow-out preventers (BOPs) and rig integrity helped provide confidence in how risk is managed for deep-water drilling and well exploration.

This was an extension of our drilling rig integrity support expertise in blow-out preventers (BOPs) for deep water exploration off the Gulf of Mexico, as the team supporting the drilling program in Trinidad and Tobago, were requested for this program after also supporting their Gulf of Mexico (GOM) drilling program.

Although the core part of our work was on BOP operation, rig integrity and compliance, we also provided expertise in the provision of maintenance and asset management services, as well as providing capabilities in performing inspections, risk assessment and training for personnel working on the rig, and providing continuation of support for the drilling campaign.

Expertise applied

  • BOP operation
  • Rig integrity
  • Compliance
  • Expertise in performing inspections
  • Risk assessments
  • Training for personnel working on the rig


  • LR kept a running recommendation summary; meaning all findings are continually addressed and closed. This allowed us to track and trend deficiencies.
  • This is a great example of how synergies between companies can lead to innovative risk and reliability work that help make the industry more reliable, better performing and safer.


  • No downtime recorded for the last 6 months KPI for this project
  • To date – no recorded downtime
  • Assured compliance with BSEE regulations
  • Significantly reduces the risk of down time by increasing reliability of the system