National Grid - UK

PAS 55 certification

Client: National Grid
Application: Electricity distribution
Project scope: PAS 55 certification

The National Grid has high ambitions for managing its assets and has been actively involved in the development of PAS 55 since its inception, deciding that all its businesses should undergo certification. In October 2005, National Grid UK Electricity Transmission became the first UK company to gain certification to PAS55 followed shortly afterwards by National Grid Gas Transmission, and National Grid Gas Distribution. Further certifications have also been awarded to National Grid's NG Grain LNG Importation Terminal and the Gas Metering business.

The project to certify National Grid followed our normal approach to PAS 55 and involved a combination of the following activities:

  • gap analysis – a high level assessment of client systems to assess overall alignment with the standard
  • detailed gap analysis report which will highlight any significant non compliance areas and from which an action plan can be developed
  • ongoing support to assess that any improvements made are in compliance with the standard
  • preliminary assessment of any areas that have been subject to modification to ensure that these have been adequately embedded within the organisation
  • audits including site visits to ascertain that written procedures are being followed system-wide, and to confirm top-to-bottom understanding of the clients strategy and objectives and how they affect everyday work
  • certification - the certification is usually done in two phases where stage 1 includes a document and process review, and stage 2 is the full implementation review
  • post certification surveillance visit programme.

With our assistance, National Grid could demonstrate that their Asset Management System has the key features required for it to be robust, that it has been correctly implemented by all parts of the business and that it is delivering the required output to meet National Grid's business plan, increasing their ability to consistently provide energy solutions to customers and communities safely, reliably, and responsibly.