North Rankin B, North West Shelf, Offshore Western Australia

North West Shelf Project - Western-Australia - Aerial shot of North Rankin BNorth Rankin B, North West Shelf, Offshore Western Australia

Asset type: Steel jacket and deck.
Project scope: Independent validation of design, construction and installation.
Client: Woodside Energy Ltd, Perth, Western Australia.

We have a strong and ongoing relationship with Woodside. Our validation and verification services to the North Rankin Redevelopment (NR2) Project were performed under our frame agreement with Woodside for the provision of validation and classification services. Besides North Rankin 2 we have, and continue to provide  validation, operations verification and/or classification to the majority of Woodside’s new offshore projects and existing assets, including the North Rankin Complex, Goodwyn A, Angel and Pluto fixed facilities. We also support the ongoing refurbishment of North Rankin A, one of the world’s largest capacity gas-production platforms,following the installation of the North Rankin B alongside. 

North Rankin B platform presented its own unique challenges. Installing the deck by ‘float-over’ method made this project one of the largest of its kind in the world. A core requirement was to connect the new platform by two 100-metre bridges to the existing North Rankin A offshore facility. Our team of structural and foundations’ experts helped contribute to the project’s success, backed up by our extensive knowledge of the existing North Rankin A facility and local regulatory environment. 

Our Perth, Western Australia office performed the project management of the validation and verification services. Detailed design review of the jacket and deck was performed by our Kuala Lumpur office supported by specialists based in our Aberdeen and London offices. The jacket was constructed at PT McDermott Indonesia’s fabrication facilities in Batam, Indonesia, and the deck at Hyundai Heavy Industries’ yard, Ulsan, South Korea. Our surveyors attended both sites, as well as a number of equipment vendors worldwide. Our independent validation and verification services helped to assure the client that the business complies with regulations, and that project contractors met the desired performance standards.

North Rankin B is now in production and, with North Rankin A, operates as a single integrated facility, the North Rankin Complex.

Image courtesy of North West Shelf project