Project OPTION outline

In this project we combine novel technology and recent scientific research at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with the ambition of creating a game changer in the oil industry. 

We strive to bring three worlds together: The physical presence in the oil well and the two numerical realities of the km3 reservoir and the m3 well. The project aims for a combined solution that will enable Welltec’s tractors and flex-well concepts to execute the optimised production plans of both the reservoir and the wells, developed in our integrated reservoir simulation tool COSI-OPT.

Horizontal wells have already dramatically improved the productivity and reduced the cost of oil and gas fields. The objective of this project is to bring the technology to the next level by providing simulation tools for predicting and performing optimal control of the flow between the wells and the reservoir. To reach the production optimum from the long horizontal wells, each segment has to be controlled to ensure uniform depletion and prevent loss of reserves by premature water or gas breakthrough. Although there is a general awareness in the industry of well design and productivity there is a gap when it comes to the integration of the four different models: reservoir modelling, reservoir simulation, well flow control, and numerical optimisation methods. 

This project aims to integrate these four models.

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