Performance optimisation for Pacific International Lines

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PIL’s S.S. Teo with Iain Wilson, LR’s Regional Marine Manager, Asia

Pacific International Lines (PIL), a major container ship owner and operator in Singapore implemented slow-steaming and approached LR for advice on alternatives to further reduce fuel consumption. We advised them that the bulbous bow may be optimised to take into account their new operational profile to reduce the fuel oil consumption. 

Why LR was chosen?

The high level of expertise and experience (close to 20 years) in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling,  solution focussed approach and competitive costs.

Our solution

We modelled the bare hull geometry and carried out a CFD study. The bulbous bow area was subjected to a parametric variation analysis to determine the optimal bulbous bow section size that would lead to a maximum efficiency improvement taking into account the operational profile.

The optimisation study was carried out in two phases from September to December 2013 for the two series of ships. 


A new optimised and more efficient bulbous bow design reducing fuel consumption by around 3% (averaged savings over the vessels operational profile) for the two series of ships. 

PIL is modifying the bow for two series of ships with the optimised design. We are now well into a programme on 19 ships and LR are now verifying the actual performance.