Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) training course for the Cordell Group

As a large multi-discipline engineering company, the Cordell Group is involved in a wide range of engineering projects and activities. These projects often involve the design and manufacture of assemblies of pressure equipment including pressure vessels, pipework systems and other pressure accessories. These assemblies often contain flammable liquids / gases and have to be assessed, categorised and inspected dependent on the equipment category against the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED).

Business challenge for the client

With increased levels of pressure equipment related projects, it was important for the Cordell Group to widen the existing knowledge base of PED within the company to cover more personnel rather than just designers. It was identified that PED training would be needed for managers and engineers to provide a clear understanding of the different levels of conformity required, depending on the potential risks involved with specific equipment. Cordell also established that certain clients needed guidance in understanding PED and the potential impact it has on projects.

Key issues

  • increased number of pressure equipment projects requiring in-depth knowledge of PED
  • varied knowledge of PED requirements across the business
  • requirement for more managers and engineers to understand PED requirements

How we helped the client

As Cordell already has a good working relationship with Lloyd’s Register through the inspection activities we currently carry out for them, Cordell chose us to provide an in-depth training course on PED.

Cordell also recognised that we have the capabilities to cover all aspects of the PED conformity modules in the training course, including material approval, design examination, type examination, quality system approval, product inspection, test and certification. This in-depth course covered all aspects of PED, from how the pressure equipment must meet the essential safety requirements (ESR’s), to which is the most appropriate procedure to use from the conformity modules to ensure the equipment meets the necessary standards.

Results and benefits

The feedback from the training course delegates at Cordell was excellent. Having a clearer understanding of the different levels of risk and conformity required for pressure equipment has allowed them to use their knowledge to confidently provide a number of clients with much needed advice. They have also been able to assist Cordell’s contract proposals team with the relevant information to allow them to budget for costs to cover for third party testing and the affect it has on project timescales.