Risk evaluations for process plant expansion

Brødr. Sunde’s plans for future expansion involve increased storage capacity for styrene and pentane on the quayside, a new polymer plant, increased storage capacity of peroxide and a new steam plant.

In the risk evaluation, we documented the main risk elements of the planned expansions with focus on third parties, such as nearby companies and residential areas, and recommended technical and operational measures to keep risk as low as reasonably practicable.

Risk evaluations are a mandatory requirement in such projects. The report is therefore an essential document for Brødr. Sunde in their formal dealings with the authorities. It also forms an important basis for communication with involved third parties and others.

We have extensive experience of performing risk evaluations and risk analysis of onshore process plants and can support our customers in the following processes:

Authority applications

  • Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB)
  • Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT)
  • other public authorities

Communication with

  • relevant authorities
  • local government administration
  • politicians
  • neighbourhood representatives
  • the media etc.

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