Global technology centres

We aim to create centres of excellence for technology, innovation and research that will benefit our clients, the local economies, industry and society at large.

We have invested in two new global technology centres (GTC), in Southampton and Singapore. Through these centres we will be better able to evolve an idea into full deployment of a product in the marketplace. Our GTCs will drive innovation, and commercial and environmental performance, all underpinned by our commitment to safety – for the benefit of LR and our stakeholders.

The Southampton GTC is on the University of Southampton’s campus. This is an exciting development, allowing us to align even more closely with one of the world’s leading maritime universities. The GTC in Singapore is focusing initially on solutions for the many technical and systemic challenges that face the energy sector, both offshore and on land.

The work of the GTCs is being supported by our new Applied Technology Group (ATG) based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The ATG team has been working on a range of projects in shipping, offshore and land-based industries including explosion modelling and underwater autonomous vehicles.