Our research partners

Central to the success of the Singapore Global Technology Centre is the collaborative research undertaken with industry partners.

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

We have been working with A*STAR (Singapore's Agency for Science Technology and Research) since September 2012 in a deal that brings together business, academia and public R&D agencies.

The capabilities and resources of the new centre will be scaled up over five years to work on mutually identified projects between Lloyd’s Register and A*STAR under the new research agreement. Investment in this new centre is expected to reach US$35 million.

Joint Industry Projects (JIPs)

To strengthen the relevance of our research to the industry, we are inviting interested parties to come forward with research projects that we can embark on together as JIPs. If the proposal does not meet our selection criteria for a JIP, we may still be able to conduct the research on behalf of the proposer. 

Find out more about our joint industry projects here.

PhD research projects

To encourage the development of technical expertise and young engineers, PhD students will be trained at the Centre during the programme's initial five-year period. Students will be working on research and development projects between the ourselves and Singapore's institutes of higher learning, including National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

Find out more about our PhD projects here.

Dr. Raj. Thampuran, Managing Director of A*STAR

Research and innovation - Singapore - A collaborative approach - Dr. Raj Thampuran"The collaboration between Lloyd’s Register and A*STAR demonstrates common interest to develop technologies to boost developments for the energy and maritime sectors. This partnership marks an important milestone in driving innovation and technology solutions for these key sectors."