Research topics

Current topics for PhD research are:

Methane hydrate study

Methane hydrates is generally viewed as the next frontier of energy. However to date, no one has been able to develop an economically viable production method for producing methane from methane hydrates. Various methods have been tried with the two primary methods being heating and depressurization. This project aims to understanding methane hydrate formation/dissociation in natural environments.

Modelling dropped object trajectory in water column

The project targets to improve the existing statistical model using high power computations and experiments. This will eventually lead to new industry standard under LR’s brand name and will generate opportunities to develop next generation risk assessment tools.

Wave-current interaction

Wave–current interaction is the interaction between surface gravity waves and a mean flow. It plays an important role in understanding the response of offshore structures under severe wave damages, such as wave in deck.

Wave breaking

A breaking wave is a wave with critical amplitude whose base can no longer support its top, causing it to collapse and transferring large amounts of wave energy into turbulent kinetic energy. The accurate prediction of wave-breaking on-set is still challenging, and the criteria are dependent on wave’s feature, current and wave. This project Investigates and understands the physics of wave breaking by numerical simulation or/and experimental methods. Predict wave in deck load and/or dynamic response of offshore structure under (near) breaking wave. 

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Oil and Gas Technology Radar

The 2015 edition of Technology Radar combines our expert knowledge with industry insights, to provide data-driven findings on the role of innovation in the current and future upstream oil and gas industry.