Information Centre

We can help you with brief general or specific shipping enquiries and queries from subscribers to the Register of Ships. Our reference library in London is open to the public. If we do not know the answer to your query we may be able to refer you to another organisation. 

We produce statements and Declaration of Age Certificates for the commercial sector and provide an historical research service to paying clients. 

Our information sheets, downloadable from this website, cover the history of Lloyd's Register and popular maritime subjects and genealogical sources, with addresses and advice for researching areas outside the scope of our records. 

To obtain copies of the current Register of Ships and other marine information publications, or for Sea-web please contact IHS (see below). 

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Information Centre 
Lloyd's Register Information Centre 
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IHS supplies a range of comprehensive shipping databases, registers, on-line shipping information, and a tailored research and system development service with a focus on integrating commercial shipping information with customers' specific needs. For more details of IHS products visit their web site. 

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Reference Library

Consult the Register of Ships and other specialist maritime, engineering, science and technology collections at our library in London