Technology and innovation highlights

Placing research and development at the heart of LR

Our strategic technology research and development is a dedicated approach to solving industry’s greatest challenges and ensuring that our futures are safe, sustainable and secure.

You can find here more details about the examples of our research programmes, joint industry projects and other related work.

Technology Radar 2017 - Low Carbon

The drive towards sustainability has never been more urgent. How will technology help us transition to a low carbon future? Our Technology Radar research offers key findings from a number of leading industry experts. Download and read the report.

Brazil oil and gas technology radar

This industry report is an extension of the 2015-16 global Technology Radar survey series produced by Lloyd’s Register. It reveals that the collapse in the oil price combined with challenging operating conditions in Brazil, has unsurprisingly put serious pressure on the country’s oil and gas sector. Download the report and read more.

Renewables technical digest

LR experts share their knowledge at major industry events to advance the growth of low carbon energy. For their latest research, download the Renewables technical digest.

Battery power on water

Advances in battery technology and energy management capability have rightly seen increasing interest in battery and hybrid power in the maritime industry. LR is involved in a wide range of projects which aim to make batteries efficient, stable and commercially viable. Follow this link to find out more.

Protection from extreme hazards

Many people work in hazardous regions, where effective protection and shelter from extreme weather conditions or explosions is vitally important. Marine’s Applied Technology Group (ATG) helped Dynamic Air Shelters, a Canadian company, by putting its portable weather and explosion-resistant ‘air beam’ shelters to the test. Follow this link to find out more.

Oil and gas Technology radar

The 2015 edition of Technology Radar combines our expert knowledge with industry insights, to provide data-driven findings on the role of innovation in the current and future upstream oil and gas industry. Through in-depth interviews with senior industry figures and a survey of more than 450 oil and gas industry professionals from across the global industry, it provides a compelling case for increased technological innovation.

Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Published in September 2015, Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 (GMTT 2030) is the culmination of a collaborative project between LR, QinetiQ and the University of Southampton. Follow this link to find out more.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), widely known as 3D printing, has developed rapidly in the last 10 years, but applications in the energy and offshore sectors are still at a relatively nascent stage. Our joint industry project with TWI will bring together research and development efforts alongside real-world AM practices. Follow this link to find out more.

LRQA helps companies lead developments in new technologies

During the year, Innovnano, an expert manufacturer of high-performance ceramic powders, was certified by LRQA to ISO 9001. Follow this link to find out more.

Unmanned aerial systems

We are working with industry, academia and vendors to develop a guidance framework on unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly called drones, for the energy industry. Follow this link to find out more.

Floating offshore wind turbines

We are working on Statoil’s pilot project, Hywind, that is expected to demonstrate the feasibility of multiple floating wind turbines in a region that has optimal wind conditions and a strong supply chain. Follow this link to find out more.