Unmanned Aircraft Systems

How is LR supporting the deployment of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)?

LR has an active research programme for robotics and unmanned systems, encompassing technology, design codes, policies and guidelines on safe and sustainable deployment. We see UAS as part of the unmanned systems and robotics story, which also includes underwater and ground-based systems.

There is no doubt that these technologies will continue to innovate in the Marine, Offshore and Energy industry – and across the value chain companies are considering how best to leverage the opportunities.

LR can support clients through this step change. We can provide the following services to support robotics deployment:

  • A robust and consistent approach to risk management
  • Technology Qualification
  • Commercial advisory on:
    • Legislative regimes
    • Asset conditions
    • Work cultures

More information on recent projects is available here.

What are the benefits?

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also known as drones or UAVs) have the potential to enhance safety and increase efficiency by providing a platform to leverage sensor technologies, unlocking new and novel applications.

UAS introduces an alternative to traditional inspection methods that require working at heights, working in hazardous areas or within confined spaces, which potentially reduces the risk of injury and fatality. There are other significant benefits too:

Data collection

  • Efficiency (time to complete)
  • Access to size-of-device spaces
  • Ability to integrate with software to create a closed asset management system.
  • Elimination (or reduction) of the needs for installation shutdown and erection of scaffolding for direct human access
  • Removes or reduces the requirements to access contaminated areas.

Data output

  • The output from UAS inspection is digitally recorded – allowing inspectors to repeat, review and revise the inspection.
  • The data is likely to be more detailed, providing greater opportunities for analysis and insights.

Recent projects

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