Additive Manufacturing Industry Forum

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If you are involved in additive manufacturing (AM), or are considering starting AM, we'd like to invite you to this new virtual group.

The forum is an open presentation and discussion session between Lloyd’s Register and industry stakeholders (from commercial and R&D organisations) on additive manufacturing (AM), hosted virtually and globally.

Why should you attend

This is an opportunity to connect with like minded colleagues across various industries, and share perspectives on the latest trends in AM. We will be launching an online messageboard after the forum to ensure everyone can connect with each other directly.
Some other benefits for participants include:
  • Share the latest insights and developments from key areas of industry.
  • Gain new knowledge and commercial ideas and be part of an innovative group of experts from around the world.
  • Drive new conversations and focuses for research and development within the forum’s participants.

Who are the industry stakeholders

Our stakeholders are made up of a diverse group of interested individuals and organisations, including manufacturers of AM parts, makers of AM machines, AM experts and AM end users.

What is Lloyd's Register?

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is an independent, third-party inspection and assurance organisation that has a dedicated programme of research and development on additive manufacturing. In January of 2016 we launched our product certification framework and Guidance Notes (, and are actively involved in a number of industry collaborations and standards development efforts.

How/when do I attend

If you’ve already registered, we’ll keep you informed of upcoming events.
If you haven’t registered yet, just fill out the form below.