Certification of additive manufactured components


While additive manufacturing (AM) grows at a rapid pace, there is no standardised way of proving to manufacturers and regulators that printed products are safe. Lloyd’s Register’s Additive Manufacturing Product Certification service provides confidence to manufacturers and end users that a specific part manufactured using AM meets the required codes, standards, controls and best practises. 

msis-isp-2016-AM-cert-tech-scopeLloyd’s Register helps manufacturers provide end users with the confidence that additive manufactured parts can be used safely. We help clients demonstrate this through the application of evolving international standards on AM and setting the requirements to prove equivalence with existing manufacturing methods, codes and standards.

We do this through our framework, “Guidance Notes for Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts.”

Why is certification important in additive manufacturing?

Lloyd's Register Technical Leader David Hardacre explains why certification will be a key step toward the wider adoption of additive manufacturing.

As AM is a relatively new technology for many industries, our certification has limitations related to process, technique, feedstock and application. Inspection requirements are specific to these criteria. Refer to our Guidance Notes for the framework to achieve certification, or contact us using the form below with details of your specific project, or questions you might have. Our expert team is here to help your organisation with the technical details.