About LR Insurance, Inc.

Advice, inspection and consultancy worldwide

LR Insurance, Inc. was established in 1973 as an Authorised Inspection Agency, accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to carry out inspections for ASME Code compliance during fabrication.

LR Insurance, Inc. provides a comprehensive service at every stage to help a manufacturer secure a Certificate of Authorisation and ASME Code symbol stamps.

Before a manufacturer may be approved by ASME, they must demonstrate that they have an adequate Quality Control system, including a written Quality Manual. LR Insurance, Inc. has the experience and expertise to help establish documented quality control systems in accordance with ASME requirements.

ASME will then send a review team to carry out a review at a manufacturer's premises. LR Insurance, Inc. Authorised Inspectors and Supervisors will attend this review and inspect individual items to the ASME Code.

Once ASME accreditation has been obtained, LR Insurance, Inc. provides an ongoing service of audit and advisory services to maintain this accreditation until the ASME renewal review.