Our authorisations

The ASME Code specifies that inspection must be carried out by qualified inspectors regularly employed an Authorised Inspection Agency, accredited by ASME. Lloyd's Register is one of the leading independent inspection agencies providing ASME inspection services* worldwide. 

LR began offering ASME code services in 1973. We now have more than 200 authorised inspectors, inspector supervisors, nuclear inspectors, nuclear-in-service inspectors, and nuclear inspector supervisors in more than 40 countries who are fully qualified in accordance with the applicable sections of the ASME Code. Our inspectors and supervisors have helped many of the worlds leading manufacturers of boilers and pressure vessels obtain ASME Certificates of Authorisation and Code Symbol Stamps.

Our ASME accreditation

*All ASME Authorised Inspection Agency activities are performed under the accreditation held by Lloyd's Register Verification Limited.