ATEX directive

We provide inspection services to the standards of the ATEX directive.

The ATEX directive consists of two European Union directives which detail what equipment and work environment is condoned in an environment with an explosive atmosphere. The acronym ATEX derives from French name of the directives: ATmosphères EXplosives.

The first ATEX directive (ATEX 95) applies to the designing or manufacturing of equipment to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. In order to sell such equipment within the European Economic Area, manufacturers must prove products meet the requirements of this directive.

The second ATEX directive (ATEX 137) sets the minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers who work in plants potentially endangered by explosive atmospheres. ATEX 137 attempts to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres where possible, reduce the risk of ignition of the atmosphere should it become explosive, and to mitigate the effects of any resulting explosion to the health and safety of workers.

Whether you are in or outside the European Economic Area, we can certify your products to be compliant with both ATEX 95 and ATEX 137 using our wide network of trained specialists.