Classification with LR

As a classification society, Lloyd's Register is an essential link in the overall safety chain of the marine industry

Classification with Lloyd’s Register means adding value to your operations. The hallmark of our approach to this, and all our other services, is a commitment to being a responsive long-term service provider. Our objective is to help you safely manage your ships to their full potential, maintain operational effectiveness and minimise risk to life, property and the environment. We will work closely with you to achieve these mutually beneficial goals. 

Creating confidence

To achieve your goals, you need to manage risk with confidence. Our classification service sets out to provide that increased confidence by helping identify risks associated with ship operations through the direct application of our classification Rules. Where risks are identified, local surveyors are on the spot to apply their knowledge, experience and skills to provide a range of practical solutions. They will advise your local staff on possible alternatives and explain their full implications, and will work closely with them to come to an informed decision.
Our classification surveys not only provide timely identification of potential problems, but also give you confidence in the condition of your ship. Classing your ship with Lloyd’s Register is a positive step towards helping you get the most from your ship during its service life.

The business of risk

We believe that our approach to classification is more responsive than the traditional prescriptive approach. Applying our market leading knowledge gained over many years, we can provide a robust framework for a risk-based approach to managing your fleet within the classification context. This enables you to incorporate effective risk management into your day-to-day business.

Listening and responding

Our unparalleled experience and expertise in this highly specialised area means we are uniquely positioned to help you maximise the availability of your ship.

How do we do this?

By listening to you, by talking with you and by understanding your business. Our qualified, experienced surveyors can ensure full compliance with the Rules through a flexible approach to equivalent alternative solutions. Our aim is to be timely as well as flexible – our surveyors are able to respond day or night, and our global coverage means that we are never very far away.
In addition, we provide a range of supporting services that can be used to create tailor-made solutions to suit your business needs. 

Related services

Enhanced Survey Programme

A survey planning questionnaire and survey planning document are required to be prepared by the owners/managers at least six months in advance of the special survey and submitted to LR for agreement for all ships that are assigned the ESP notation.

Thickness measurement for ship compliance

Thickness measurements are fundamental to your ship's compliance with structural periodical survey requirements. Here you can find everything you need to support your planning, execution and reporting of thickness measurement surveys for your LR classed ship.