Owner's acceptance inspection programme

We are pleased to offer services to provide owner’s acceptance against each client’s own approval criteria. The approval specification can be predetermined by the client and Lloyd's Register is happy to design an inspection programme to meet client’s individual needs.

The criteria for inspection of each individual unit for compliance can include:

  • construction materials,
  • paintwork and markings,
  • dimensions (random checks),
  • general finish, welding, paintwork (including random thickness checks),
  • floors, decals, identification plates.

Where necessary, we will be happy to arrange a third-party independent inspection giving clients additional assurance.

A final inspection report is issued for all units inspected giving detailed results against the inspection criteria.

Benefits to the client:

  • Independent assessment of units against client’s acceptance criteria.
  • Inspection programmes tailored to suit each client’s needs.
  • Independent third-party inspection arranged where required.
  • Reporting tailored to client requirements.