Cranes and lifting appliance inspection

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Lloyd’s Register has dedicated teams for design appraisal, inspection & certification of cranes & lifting appliances to help our clients through the process of commissioning port equipment and lifting appliances.

We have dedicated project managers leading competent and experienced engineers and inspectors to ensure your project runs smoothly. Through design, procurement, fabrication, assembly, commissioning, testing & installation stages, we help ensure your project finishes within cost and time constraints.

We have experience inspecting and certifying several types of cranes, including:

  • Ship-to-shore (STS)
  • Rubber tyre gantry (RTG)
  • Rail-mounted gantry (RMG)
  • Ship loader/unloader
  • Stacker-reclaimer
  • Harbour cranes
  • On-shore cranes
  • Workshop cranes, such as shipyard goliath cranes, hoists, ringer cranes

Independent Design Appraisal

When commissioning port cranes, how can you be sure the designs are what you ordered? Rely on more than a stamp and check with Lloyd’s Register. Our engineers make their own calculations based on designs. This truly independent service is able to catch the errors that can lead to costly project delays – before they happen.

Our services

Our services are tailor-made to suit the requirements of clients. For typical new-build facilities, services can include the following based on applicable international or national standards:

  • Design appraisal as per agreed scope
    • Structure, mechanical, electrical
  • Material inspection as per agreed inspection test plan (ITP)
    • Qualification of suppliers
    • Witnessing of material verification tests
  • Inspection of fabrication at manufacturer shop as per agreed ITP
    • Inspect purchased/sub-contracted parts
    • Inspect steel structures
    • inspect machined parts
    • Inspect electrical installation
    • Painting inspection
    • Commissioning and testing
    • Loading and sea fastening
    • Site acceptance testing

We also offer in-service crane consulting and inspection services.

Benefits of using Lloyd’s Register

  • Dedicated Project manager as your focal point
  • Assurance of through-life integrity
  • Design appraisal based on independent analysis
  • Build confidence by reducing the technical risk of failure as well as facility downtime
  • Assurance that design, manufacture, installation and maintenance work satisfies specified requirements
  • Independent authoritative reports to meet the requirements of insurers, banks and statutory authorities
  • Team located in the heart of crane manufacturing area
  • Timely reports indicating the job progress along with actual pictures
  • Experienced and competent inspectors