Cruise ship services

Helping you achieve the best performance from your cruise ships

Today’s cruise market is challenging. Complex regulations, rising energy costs and ever-present competition mean your ships must perform more efficiently than ever before.

At Lloyd’s Register, we can help you achieve the best from your cruise ships. From approval of innovative risk-based designs to guidance on the latest green technologies, our services help you operate safely, sustainably and cost-effectively, now and through life.

LR classed Britannia, delivered in 2015

Leading classification expertise

Through our classification and certification services we help ensure your ships meet the required safety and environmental standards at every stage of their life. We currently class more than 115 cruise ships – a total of over 7 million gt and the market leading share of the world’s cruise fleet.

Driving better energy performance

Fuel and energy management are crucial elements of your cruise ship operations. With rising fuel costs and significant reductions in SOx and NOx limits, being energy efficient is more important than ever before. LR can help you achieve greater energy efficiency and comply with regulations through a range of services. To find out more click here.

Helping you comply with changing regulations

The regulatory world is always changing. We can help you understand what existing and forthcoming regulations mean for your ships and staff. And as the maritime industry moves further towards risk-based and goal-based design, we can help you achieve compliance in the best way to suit you, with safety always at the forefront. For more information click here.

Achieving people-centred design and operations

Understanding the human element is an integral part of designing and building safe and efficient cruise ships, and a vital element in assuring the safety of passengers, crew and vessel operations.

Meanwhile, new human-oriented regulations and standards, such as the revised STCW Convention and Code present shipbuilders, operators and owners with new challenges for ship design and operation. Our human factors services provide you with confidence that the human element is integrated into every stage of your ship’s lifecycle. To find out more click here.

Pre-contract advice

We can provide impartial technical advice at a very early stage. This gives you the information needed to make a well informed decision before taking the big step into building and operating state-of-the-art designs. We consider not only design, but operational needs, providing unbiased and useful support on all aspects from fleet management to detailed technology.

Without obligation, we actively encourage, and participate in, meetings with all stakeholders to ensure an open approach from the start and promote the necessary bond required with the flag.

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