Design appraisal

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What is design appraisal? 

Engineering designs which have the potential to affect health, safety or the environment are normally required to be appraised by an independent, competent person/organisation. Design appraisal is the review of these designs and documentation by a competent organisation with qualified 

Design appraisal may be required at any stage of an asset's life including: conceptual design, detailed design, commissioning, during operation or disposal. 

How we can help?

We are an independent and competent organisation that can assess/review for specified products whether the engineering design and/or its safety-related drawings/documentation is in compliance with applicable statutory regulations, codes, standards and customer requirements and specifications.

Our comprehensive design appraisal service covers the oil & gas, petrochemical and power sectors, as well as pressure equipment, piping, process safety, lifting appliances, and container manufacturing areas.

 We can assist with establishing a schedule of drawings to be examined.

What are the benefits?

  • Compliance with the required regulations
  • Can be used to satisfy the vendor's client's requirements
  • Can be used to satisfy insurance requirements