Design review for wind energy

Ensuring that your asset is designed to achieve optimal performance whilst meeting the necessary cost and safety margins is not an easy task. Our maritime engineering experience, coupled with our extensive skill in engineering dynamics, electrical, geotechnical, risk and reliability enables us to provide a range of services that help you incorporate these elements into the design stages of your project - helping you design for success.

Geotechnical advisory

Alongside our subsidiary, LR Senergy, we provide consultancy services in geohazards, geophysics, geotechnics and engineering, and specialises in the project management of offshore surveys, site investigation and rig positioning.

Electrical grid connection

Our specialist teams (including our subsidiary, LR Senergy) have assisted clients to connect generation projects by providing expert advice on all aspects of electrical networks, from initial feasibility studies and connection agreements to project design, project management and advice on the regulatory challenges.

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Loading analysis

Our computational fluid dynamic (CFD) expertise was initiated in relation to research on rotor dynamic forces from internal flow passages in turbomachinery.

Structural analysis and design

Structural analysis requires more than just software. It requires engineering intuition and a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the different methodologies.

Machinery dynamics

We have a long tradition of assisting clients in solving structural analysis problems using both analytical and experimental capabilities.

Reliability analysis

We utilise sophisticated software tools in combination with your operational experience and historical data to understand and your systems.

FMEA and FMECA assessments

Power - Renewables - Design basis review - FMEA data - 634x219

Using FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) and FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) we can help you to identify, describe and examine potential failures in a system, equipment/product or process.

Instrument advisory

To assist our clients in field measurements, testing and signal analysis, we invest in the most advanced measurement equipment available on the market.

Human factors integration

We specialise in a range of human factor analyses and services to the renewables sector.

Supply chain verification

We offer you comprehensive assurance that even the smallest details have been executed to the correct specifications and standards.